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Château Moulin de Peyronin was born in 1976 when Claude Jougla, a renowned tinderbox maker, arrived in the Bordeaux region and started organic agriculture. 

When Mr. Jougla passed away, one of his daughters took over the reins of the property and reluctantly decided to part with it a few years later. 


It is in 2006 that our story begun when we bought the property at the age of only 25 years: We are Véronique and Franck TERRAL, the happy owners of the vineyard. 



We both studied at the Lycée Agricole de Libourne - Montagne. We are complementary since one has a BTS in Viticulture and Oenology and the other a BTS in Wine and Spirits.


After having had some professional experiences in the wine industry, the desire to live from our passion brought us to push the doors of Château Moulin de Peyronin. 


The environment and the mode of culture practiced seduced us immediately and led us to continue towards this way by converting us in Biodynamy in 2019. 

Logo Agriculture Biologique - Château Moulin de Peyronin - Vins de Bordeaux - Bio et Biodynamie
Logo Européen AB - Château Moulin de Peyronin - Vins de Bordeaux - Bio et Biodynamie
Logo Demeter - Château Moulin de Peyronin - Vins de Bordeaux - Bio et Biodynamie
Véronique et Franck TERRAL - Château Moulin de Peyronin


Ecocert - Château Moulin de Peyronin
Agriculture Biologique - Château Moulin de Peyronin

At Chateau Moulin de Peyronin, we integrate practices in line with the organic agriculture method that allows us to prevent the appearance of diseases.


We are looking for a global balance that will allow the vine to develop in a harmonious and healthy way. 


The human work is privileged. The preventive fight is very important: the observation of the vineyard is this essential.


The vineyard has been registered as organic since 1975 and we obtained the ECOCERT certification in 1985.

Organic Agriculture Château Moulin de Peyronin
Green Manures Château Moulin de Peyronin
Moutons - Château Moulin de Peyronin


We have decided to convert to Biodynamics in 2017 and our wines obtained DEMETER certification two years later, in 2019


We were seduced by this vision of organic agriculture. Our goal is to give ourselves all the means to reflect in our wines; the richness of our terroir and the work of Human.

Biodynamics resonates in our minds as an exploitation that must keep a coherence with the environment, not the environment in general but the environment that surrounds it.


In our minds, biodynamics rhymes with biodiversity, agroforestry, respect for the soil and the environment.

Biodynamie - Château Moulin de Peyronin
Biodynamie Château Moulin de Peyronin
Biodynamie Château Moulin de Peyronin
Séjour Camping cars - Château Moulin de Peyronin
Aire d'accueil Camping cars - Château Moulin de Peyronin
France Passion Camping cars - Château Moulin de Peyronin




- Possibility of accommodating 3 motor homes on the site next to the mill 

- Maximum parking time: 48 hours 

- Price 6€ per night

-Possibility of emptying in Blasimon

- Access to a water point

- Possibility to make a barbecue 

​No catering on site

- We invite you with great pleasure to come and meet us to visit the property and taste our wines.


In case of absence, please call 06 07 30 21 22.

Camping cars Château Moulin de Peyronin


       We offer you the possibility to come and immerse yourself in the world of our work and to visit our property. If the weather lends itself to it, we will show you our vines, followed by a visit to our cellar with the most precise explanation possible of the different stages that the wine goes through (from harvest to bottling). You will discover our tasting room, recently refurbished, the barrel and amphora room and the bottle storage room.


This visit will take 40 minutes and will be led by (if you are lucky) Franck or Véronique, or by our commercial student Charlotte! 


Click on the arrow to discover the team!

Amphores - Château Moulin de Peyronin


Hours of opening



Monday to Friday : 9:00AM till noon and from 2:00PM to 5:30PM

Saturday & Sunday : On reservation

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After having put stars in your eyes, we will try to awaken your taste buds with the tasting of our wines. Our entry-level wines: red, rosé and white. As well as our cuvée Romane aged in oak barrels in red and white. And to finish, our 100% Semillon crémant and our orange wine (white wine from maceration). 


It is preferable to call us and reserve a time slot in advance to ensure our best possible reception. 


Click on the arrow to discover our wines !

Dégustation - Château Moulin de Peyronin
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